About the project

The Rituals, Ceremonies and Local Festivals in Thailand Database is created following the 2014-2017 strategic plan of the Sirindhorn Anthropology Center (SAC) in its capacity as a center of socio-cultural data relevant to Thailand. The database is constructed in such a way that it provides a closer look at the socio-cultural aspects of the lifestyles of the people in relation to their rites and rituals, religious beliefs, and the various belief systems existing in the Thai society. The information contained in the database is focused on the communal ritual traditions unique to particular localities, areas, or ethic groups, as related to their livelihoods, agricultural activities, religions, and healing systems, etc.

Our archive of information on local traditions, available for free public access in electronic format, include also academic texts, pictures and other multimedia e.g. e-books, on-line exhibitions. The availability of the databases is meant for educational and research purposes, and not for commercial gains.